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Update #3 April 5, 2013

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Hello All,

I managed to get Sara last night by phone and we had a nice chat.

Things seem to be going along fairly well 🙂  She’s still in sync with her psychiatrist and her individual therapist and I think they’ve finally realized how smart she is.  They let her out of a lot of the DBT stuff and have her taking part in groups that are based on processing (work getting done….forward momentum rather than sitting and listening for gazillionth time how to find your safe place and use breathing techniques).  She also gets to take part in a few art therapy groups which she said she liked…she made a leather-bound journal the other day.

She said the therapy was good but the ‘homework’ was really heavy and triggering.  She told me about a really bad night when she broke down and really struggled.  They seem to be pretty responsive at SP though…they were watching over her (somewhat uselessly) but, as she said, she survived it.  She’s such a strong girl.

Of course, she tried her best to sound chipper and happy, like we were having a chat on a Sunday afternoon over tea.  It was hard to hear that when I knew she was hurting so much.  She’s very much like me in that way (a lot of us, I think), trying to make sure everyone else doesn’t worry over us.  I told her that I knew how hard it was and that all of us were thinking of her, missing her.

I did tell her about Pen and Zoe’s puppies (almost forgot!).  Her entire soul brightened for a moment while we talked about them.  Sara said she hopes there are lots of pictures for her when she comes back.  🙂

Overall, I think she’s okay.  I just wish I could go visit and give her a hug.  Words kind of get lost when dealing with things so deeply attached to our souls.

That’s about all for this update.  I hope everyone finds a moment of pure happiness today, however fleeting.



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