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No Update Yet… March 5, 2013

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Hi All,

It’s Grainne posting for Sara.  She asked that I pop into her blog to let you guys know how she’s doing while at SP.  I’ve called the ‘patient’ line several times yesterday and today but it’s not been answered.  I’m assuming that it’s only answered during certain times…?  I don’t really know.  I’ll keep trying it and if I can’t get through by tonight I’ll try their main line and see what’s up.

Sorry not to have much news.  Will update as soon as I can.




5 Responses to “No Update Yet…”

  1. Pen Says:

    Thanks for at least letting us know you’re trying 🙂

    Eagerly awaiting further updates!

  2. mm172001 Says:

    I’m not sure about SP in specific but in inpatient settings I have been in phones are not allowed to be answered during structured group times, which is actually a lot of the day- sometimes even phones will be taken off the hook and you will just get busy signials. It’s a good idea to call the main line or the patient line in the evening or on weekends when there isn’t usually structured groups… hope this helps

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