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Update #2 March 16, 2013

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Hi All,

Just got off the phone with our girl.  She’s sounding quite well!  She even had me laughing here and there as we chatted about her days at SP.  There are a lot of people in her group right now although she says they split them into two often.  She has to do the group therapy thing (I don’t think anyone likes doing group.  I hate it…) and they’re doing all the standard imagery/self focus lectures.  I asked if she thought she was getting much out of it so far and she said yes and no.  Therapy is great but all the time that is wasted drives her up the wall.  I can totally see that frustration as well.

We talked for a while about her puppy and how great he did on his behavioural test to get placed in a foster care home.  He’s out getting all socialized with new people and probably animals too but she’s missing him (I’ll bet he misses her just as much…such a cutie pie that pup).

Overall, she’s doing okay, staying strong, and working through it all.  She also pointed out that she’s managed not to murder anyone so far…lol.

Sara sends her love to you guys.  I told her you were all cheering for her.  🙂

I’ll update you guys again next week sometime.

Take care,



Contact March 6, 2013

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Hello Folks,

Good News!  I finally hit the right time to call and connected with Sara 🙂

She is doing okay, not feeling great but still pushing on.  She told me that she was having a hard time with the restrictions and I couldn’t blame her when I heard, they took away her lap top, phone, Nook and knitting.  I guess they want patients to have no distractions other than … healing?  (I’m not sure I agree with that term but I couldn’t think of what to call it otherwise).

The usual issues with things like food she can eat are getting sorted out.   She said her psychiatrist was okay and didn’t seem to be the type to throw meds at every patient, which is great.

Overall, she sounded sad but strong.  She’s sticking it out to see how much they can help her, trying not to form opinions on anything just yet…only two days into treatment.

The phone, of course, it a hot commodity in her ward so I told her I’d give her a call next week (mon/tues).  I’ll update you guys then.

All the best!


No Update Yet… March 5, 2013

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Hi All,

It’s Grainne posting for Sara.  She asked that I pop into her blog to let you guys know how she’s doing while at SP.  I’ve called the ‘patient’ line several times yesterday and today but it’s not been answered.  I’m assuming that it’s only answered during certain times…?  I don’t really know.  I’ll keep trying it and if I can’t get through by tonight I’ll try their main line and see what’s up.

Sorry not to have much news.  Will update as soon as I can.




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