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Ugh February 25, 2013

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I am fat and I want to kill myself.

And I hate myself for being such a fucking cliche.

I don’t know how to hold on for much longer. I’m not sure I see any reason.


12 Responses to “Ugh”

  1. i’m so sorry you are struggling so much, can you contact your t or any other support person and ask for help ?

  2. Grainne Says:

    😦 wish I could sit with you tonight. Xx

    • weordmyndum Says:

      It’s okay. I’ll be okay. I probably won’t do anything too stupid. Maybe just take enough pills to knock me out for a good while.

      • Grainne Says:

        That’s what I’m about to do too. Maybe I’ll meet you in dreams. I say we go somewhere tropical with sunshine and an open bar. Xo

      • weordmyndum Says:

        Sounds nice. Wish I got to choose my dreams. Most of mine have been about psych hospitals lately. And my mother.

        Tropical islands sound much nicer. Maybe if I go to sleep with my heating pad, I can trick my brain into setting my dreams somewhere nicer.

      • Grainne Says:

        I hope it works. My mother is in my dreams also. Lets send them to a different place. I’m getting sick of seeing mine.

  3. hey, your brain isn’t beyond fixing. i wish there was something i could do to help x

  4. SAFE HUGS!!!!!! I’m sorry it’s tough right now! xoxo

    I remember feeling like nothing could fix me. It’s such a horrible feeling and I wish you weren’t feeling it. I hope that you can surround yourself with something positive that makes you feel good!

  5. Pen Says:

    I’m sorry things seem rotten. I like the idea of a tropical island dream. Mine have been chilly and unwanted lately too. We need to just put out a notice to our subconscious that we won’t put up with this shit anymore.

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