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The I Word, lulz edition January 30, 2013

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Today’s edition of lulzy WTF-y news:
Fake Therapist thinks we’re going to integrate at Sheppard Pratt. You know, in a program that averages a 21-day length of stay. After having had NO prior treatment for DID, beyond the diagnosis.

My reactions:

1. Lol wat
2. Do you know anything about DID?
3. Like, beyond the two paragraphs of dribble in an abnormal psych textbook?
4. Lol wat
5. This is not how DID treatment works.
6. Srsly, NOT IN LIKE THREE WEEKS for fuckin sure.
7. Lol wat
8. How much are you gonna freak out when I say fuck integration?
9. Just because multiplicity isn’t YOUR natural state of being, that doesn’t mean it’s an inherently bad or wrong way of being.
10. Like srsly, I get to stay multiple if I want. I just wanna not be dysfunctional about it.
11. Lol your face while I’m explaining this.
12. Lol wat


6 Responses to “The I Word, lulz edition”

  1. Lol wat, indeed. That’s some seriously WTF-y news for sure. And I love the way you put #9. It’s so true. Some of us do well not being integrated. I don’t even want to think about the upheaval an integration attempt would cause us.

  2. Grainne Says:

    Omfg….ok, so, like, can you see if there’s a spare bed in your room at SP because I’m sure they have a ‘fast-track’ CPTSD/attachment disorder program running in tandem with the “we can integrate you in six weeks or less!” (Second treatment is 50% off!!!) *rolls eyes* What a stupid thing for FT to have said.

    “Lol your face while I’m explaining this” Made me literally LOL. Just sayin. *hugs* ❤

  3. Pen Says:

    Haha. Your list made me smile. DID seems to be a difficult thing to explain, even to “therapists”. She should just want SP to healing in general, not “integrating”. Ugh.

  4. Neloran Says:

    It’s sad…most of the mental health profession is woefully undereducated with regards to dissociation.

    As a side note, as a former patient at SP, I guess they might support integration if that’s what YOU want (but only if that’s what you want collectively). They are perfectly comfortable helping guide internal communication.

    Even the mental health techs.

    ❤ that place to bits!


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