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Better January 23, 2013

Doing better–bank error fixed. Still depressed as hell, but less stressed at least. Still need to fix Part D and Mass Health, but my team can do a lot of that for me. And my SSI back pay came in, so I have nearly $2000, thank the gods.

Finally on the waiting list for Sheppard Pratt. It’s a long wait, but at least I’m on the list.

And my weight is down into the 120’s. The upper 120’s, but still. I know it’s really screwed up to be happy about that…but I am.


7 Responses to “Better”

  1. Pen Says:

    I’m glad you’re better. I’m crossing my fingers for you that the Sheppard Pratt wait goes faster.
    ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. Thank goodness! Keep holding tight and before you know it you’ll get the call saying you’re at the top of the list at Sheppard-Pratt. ~Kali

  3. Neloran Says:

    The best thing I can say right now is we care and we are glad things are a bit better today. If you go to SP, remember they are there to help. Trust that they know what they are doing and be honest about all of this stuff.


  4. Great to hear the bank thing got solved! At least that’s something, right?

  5. kate1975 Says:

    I’m glad that some things have gotten fixed up. That is so great.

    Good and healing thoughts to you.


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