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Owww: The Next Generation January 15, 2013

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Diagnosis: peroneal tendinitis

Prescription: rest, exercise to tolerance, and this thing that I swear to god is called an ankle corset


It does help some. There’s still some pain, but it’s better than with the ankle cast. The orthopedist also said I could use just one crutch, which is still cumbersome, but less so than with two crutches.

He said to come back if it’s not better in a few weeks, but I’m hoping it heals by then. I may try to go to kung fu Wednesday night. I probably can’t do a lot of running around, but I should at least be able to hit things. I hope.


14 Responses to “Owww: The Next Generation”

  1. Pen Says:

    That does look like an ankle corset.

    Also, I like that coat in the background 🙂

    I hope it heals soon. I’m sure shuffling on a crutch is no fun.

    • weordmyndum Says:

      Too bad it’s not sexy like a real corset. Somewhere I own a real corset I bought at Dragon*Con, but I bought it when I weighed about 95 lbs. No way I could fit into it now.

      I’ve had that jacket since high school, and I adore it. I’ve always liked military-type styles. My winter coat in high school was an East German Navy pea coat, with epaulets and everything.

      • Pen Says:

        We have similar tastes in many things. Stop living so far away.

        I have a couple corsets of varying sizes. Mostly from Ren Fest. My weight fluctuates a lot though too, so I feel you there.

      • weordmyndum Says:

        Lo siento, mon ami. (Amie? I don’t speak French.)

        I’m actually not all that attentive to fashion for the most part. I can’t wear heels because of the hypermobility, and I don’t do hair or makeup. I mostly live in jeans and solid colored shirts. I do like intense colors, though.

      • Pen Says:

        I can’t do anything but suuuuper low heels because of my arthritis in my toes. But part of me enjoys hair and makeup. And I’ll admit slight interest in fashion, haha.
        The other part waaay prefers jeans and simple tees. Clothing style isn’t something I consider valuable or important in a person or anything though. As long as they don’t smell like gross, I’m good.

        I only speak German. And a bit of Latin. Lol.

      • weordmyndum Says:

        My middle sister always tried to get me into hair and makeup, but I honestly don’t even own a single lipstick. I’d probably put my eye out if I tried mascara.

        She always pulled that, “But you’d be so pretty if you just…” line on me. I hate that. What, I can’t be pretty on my own? And why am I obligated to be pretty at all? I have often wished I didn’t have a pretty face because then people think you owe them something.

        …and I’ll spare you the rest of this rant.

      • Pen Says:

        I understand. I have friends and family who rail on me for not wearing makeup all the time. “Why do you only want to be pretty sometimes?”
        Wow. That’s great to hear. Apparently I’m only pretty when I put wads of creams and powders on me. Great.
        I have a lot of body issues stemming from that railing about me not wanting to wear makeup except during certain times. I think it’s why I created alters that purely have an interest in hair and makeup. Of course, they also have the crippling worst of our eating disorder issues too. Yay.

        I’m sorry your sister told you that. I’m sure it isn’t true. Though technically I’ve only seen your feet 😉
        They were super cute feet with awesome socks though!

      • weordmyndum Says:

        Also, Latin is awesome! I was a high school/college Latin nerd. I was emperor of the Latin club in HS and even went to a convention. In costume. And I’m not talking a frat-boy-bed sheet toga.

        I know very little German, but I’m decent in Mandarin and apparently spoke some Welsh as a small child. Oh, and some Spanish from HS.

      • Pen Says:

        Sometimes it’s creepy our level of mutual interests/history… I was also “that Latin girl”. I went to JCL’s state convention where I made a proper toga and acted out actual scenes from Ovid and mythology, all in Latin. I won some awards from that convention that are in my high school portfolio somewhere…..

        I could never get into that transition from Latin to another romance language (like French or Spanish). I rebelled and went for German. Lol. It probably helped that my family is mostly German, as is my best friend’s. I actually dream in German sometimes. It’s wild.

      • weordmyndum Says:

        Yeah, the year I took Latin and Spanish together was nuts. I’d be writing in one language only to realize I’d inadvertently switched to the other partway through. I don’t advise it.

        I should learn German. My father’s side of the family is mostly German. My little sister has gotten really into researching our genealogy, and apparently we used to have a castle in Dusseldorf.

        Also, are you secretly me?

      • Pen Says:

        I may secretly be you. Your doppelganger who stupidly decided to live in awful Ohio. You’re obviously the smarter one.

        Dusseldorf, huh? My family is from the Alsace Lorraine, but we were strictly anti-French, even when France managed to get possession of it (settled there when it was a German province).
        Hence the moving to America. Lol.

      • weordmyndum Says:

        Ewww, Ohio. I lived in Iowa for a while and hated it.

        I don’t really know any of the stories of my German side of the family, but I know my sister has been talking with some relatives who ate still in Germany and is saving up to go visit.

      • Pen Says:

        I miss Chicago greatly. Damn finances prevent me from uprooting from this awful place and moving back home.

  2. kate1975 Says:

    Good and healing thoughts to you kung fu girl.


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