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Drama in Blog Land January 4, 2013

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I’m probably going to seem like a huge bitch for this, but there’s someone I believe to be a predator hanging out in my little corner of the blogosphere. And I don’t like that.

She goes by Carol Anne, manyofus, manyofus1980, and Multikindred. She reads and comments on a number of blogs I also read, and she tries to comment on mine. Aside from a rather unpleasant exchange we had the other night, I delete all her comments.

See, she’s been Internet-stalking me for, god, probably a year or so. She runs several Yahoo groups for people with DID. When I was diagnosed, I joined one of her groups. I left after several months because the list was a poorly run drama zone.

Somehow, she found this blog. When she started commenting on my posts, I simply deleted the comments. I thought that would take care of the problem without my having to engage with her. But she kept commenting, and I kept deleting.

Then I found a post this woman made on Ivory Garden, a DID support forum I participated in. I knew that post had been stolen from another blogger I follow, without permission or credit. (I’ll let the blogger remain anonymous unless she wants to speak out too.) I notified this blogger privately, then notified the admins of Ivory Garden that the post in question had been stolen. The post was deleted.

The other night, Carol Anne or whoever she is commented on one of my posts. I was in a foul mood and told her to stay away from my blog. I was, admittedly, not at all polite about it. Her response was basically to blame me for her depression and destructive behaviors, then tattle on me to WordPress and all her friends. I snickered and told her good luck–I hadn’t violated the WordPress TOS, but her post-stealing had.

Tonight, I logged into my email and found a message she posted to another Yahoo group I’m in (not one she owns/moderates). It was copied and pasted straight from my blog.



So be careful, folks. I have seen her on many of your blogs. Don’t let her prey on you. I think she’s too unstable and disorganized to be a real danger, but she makes me feel unsafe in my virtual space. That’s not cool.


17 Responses to “Drama in Blog Land”

  1. manyofus1980 Says:

    How dare you. You are a vicious bitch. First of all, I didnt copy any post. Secondly I only go by many ofus. Thirdly I have just been given bad news about my ealth and dont need this shit. Your a vicious little nasty piece of work. Take your venum and spread it elsewhere.

    • weordmyndum Says:

      It amuses me that you think your insults still mean anything. Ditto with your guilt trips.

      I may be a vicious bitch, but I tell the truth.

      You may have started this fight, but I’m gonna finish it.

      • manyofus1980 Says:

        Keep it up Sarah. I could care less. I’m not replying to any further comments. Do what you need. yOu will anyway. As I already said, your really off balance. Your likely to come after anyone no matter who it is. Your sad and you lead a sad life.

      • weordmyndum Says:

        Thank you. That’s exactly what I asked for: for you to stay off my blog.

  2. Kali Says:

    I’ll probably get attacked by CA now but I wanted to let you know you’re not the only one who has had problems with her. She IS manipulative and conniving and I’m sorry you’re dealing with her garbage. She’s done a load of emotional damage to two of my friends and now to you, and I know there’s plenty more. Even if we give her the benefit of the doubt with the MultiKindred screen name, the fact is that she’s bad news.

    • manyofus1980 Says:

      I am not going to attack you. I am over attacking people. I just want a peaceful life. Thats all. Yes I’ve done things in the past I am not proud of, but havent we all? No bodys perfect are they? I am human too. The difference is my friend who I hurt forgave me, the other person hasnt but I cant make anyone forgive me that is there choice!

    • weordmyndum Says:

      Why am I not at all surprised?

      She hasn’t damaged me, though. I just don’t take shit from people anymore. I get mad, and I fight fire with fire. She doesn’t scare me; I’m making this public so other people will know she’s dangerous and won’t get sucked into her drama.

  3. Bourbon Says:

    Ok so I’m actually quite concerned now!

    • Bourbon Says:

      I thought having my words copied was a one off and a genuine mistake. Apparently not? Ugh. Thanks for letting us know anyway.

      • manyofus1980 Says:

        Bour all I copied from you was a book review, not a journal entry or a poem, I thought you wouldnt mind as it was a review of a book you’d read. When you did mind I got the forum owner to take it down!

      • weordmyndum Says:

        It doesn’t matter if you stole a pack of gum or a diamond ring; it’s still stealing, and it’s still wrong. Apologizing doesn’t take away the fact that you still stole.

        In law, during sentencing hearings, one of the best questions for a prosecutor to ask a defendant on the stand is, “Are you sorry for what you did, or are you sorry you got caught?”

        Your repeated rationalizations of what you did to Bourbon and your denial of what you did to me demonstrate clearly that you’re just sorry you got caught. You’re sorry that I was present enough to find what you were doing and brave enough to call you out on it publicly, despite your threats and insults. You’re sorry that you messed with someone who’s not afraid of you.

    • manyofus1980 Says:

      Let me be clear. I. Did. Not. Do. This. Believe what you want. I have more to worry about. My health is at steak. I dont need this. I really dont. I’m actually reeally upset. It is freaking amazing how people will turn on you just by something they’ve read. Its obvious people are trying to start drama, well take it elsewhere. Bourb I said sorry to you and I meant it! I am sorry you think I didnt, but I did!

      • weordmyndum Says:

        Lulz, this is my blog. I can put whatever drama I want here. You are the one who isn’t welcome here. I thought you weren’t going to reply to any more comments.

        Also, whining about your health isn’t going to garner you any sympathy here. We’re all sick. We all have problems. Whining about your health is just a distraction, a way to avoid taking responsibility for your actions. We don’t fall for obvious and manipulative logical fallacies here.

    • weordmyndum Says:

      I don’t think you need to be concerned. My impression is that she’s not organized enough to do much beyond what she’s already done. She did threaten to report me to WordPress, and I just laughed and told her to go ahead since I haven’t violated the TOS and she has.

      There’s nothing she can actually do to you. She’s a troll, and trolls feed on the pain and fear they cause. Luckily she’s not even a good troll. Just do the best you can not to give her an emotional reaction. She can’t do anything to you she hasn’t already done.

  4. kate1975 Says:

    I have had some problems myself with misappropriations of one of my posts without any link or appropriation and of a lot of my healing quotes and healing songs that I am conflicted about. They are not my words or songs and yet they are an intrinsic part of me, my healing life, and my blog. I have discussed it and it still goes on.

    I’m very sad to hear that it goes on in other ways for others. When someone treats me badly I am far from surprised and have been treated like this all my life. What really affects me is when I hear that I am not the only one being mistreated. I hate when that happens.

    This person was on my blog some time ago and asked me for internet help, which I was glad to do. I left comments on her blog, which she would not respond to. She would not engage with me on my blog and only seemed to contact me when she needed something. The last time that I helped her instead of sending me a thank you email she sent one that insulted me and demeaned me and made me resolve to never do it again.

    She emailed me a few months ago and wanted to be listed in my blogroll. After several contentious emails I insisted that my blogroll is for me to decide who I want on it, for whatever reason I choose, and no means no, I would not list her. I explained to her how hurt and rejected and wounded I was from her treatment of me, she denied doing it on purpose, it was all a misunderstanding, it was all a mistake, even though she did give comments to others and emails to others it was not on purpose that she was not connecting with me except when she wanted something, and that I should forgive her and we should just move on, since she hadn’t known about my feelings and I should just put her on my blogroll again. My response is still hey no means no.

    I told her I don’t want you on my blog, leave me alone like you ignored me in the past, it shouldn’t be too hard to do. It hurts so bad inside my heart when I think of you, I don’t want contact with you after the way that you treated me. She left a few comments that I deleted. She liked a few posts and I changed those posts so they did not show any likes onto the blog. She recently left a comment. I deleted it.

    I think that the truth of what kind of person someone is definitely shows in her first comment to you, vicious, evil, spiteful, hateful. I’m so sorry you have gone through this.


    • weordmyndum Says:

      It actually wasn’t hurtful to me, though there were a number of other mean-spirited comments I deleted. I was more upset because she made my readers feel unsafe and had appropriated a post by a blog friend as well.

      I was surprised I didn’t have a strong hurt reaction. I tend to be very easily hurt, even if it’s “just” the Internet. (I hate how many people think hurtful things don’t/shouldn’t hurt if they’re said online.) But with this incident, I was just MAD. You don’t mess with me or the people I care about. I will not stand for that.

      She doesn’t scare me. I just don’t want her scaring or hurting other people.

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