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Peace November 21, 2012

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I’ve been feeling peaceful the last couple days, which is a nice change of pace.

Since the election, I’d been feeling empty and anxious in all the free time I have now, but I haven’t been all that motivated to actually do anything. There’s a rumor that Obama might name John Kerry to his Cabinet, which would mean we’d have a special election and Scott Brown would get another chance to get into the Senate. If that happened, I’d get involved with the campaign for whoever the Democrats nominated. But as of now, nothing is really motivating me to find more stuff to do with my time.

And there’s a lot of free time around the holidays. No kung fu tonight or Saturday, and Windhorse is closed for Thanksgiving on Thursday.

I think part of why I’m feeling peaceful is I feel more connected to people. It surprises me, in the wake off the incident with NT. but my team has really been supportive above and beyond their obligations. When I fired NT, I called Team Leader, and she listened to me freak out/cry and then calmed me down. Nurse has been giving me rides to places of normally walk because the pain has been bad. Counselor is taking me out to brunch on Sunday with his wife and his adorable baby. Hell, I may even go to the Windhorse Thanksgiving thing, since one of the hosts went out of his way to invite me personally.

It probably also helps that my pain is a lot better today. I had another cortisone injection yesterday. This time he did the sacro-iliac joint instead of the facet joints at L4-L5 and L5-S1. The last two times, I had about a day-long lag between when the lidocaine wore off and when the cortisone kicked in when I was really sore from getting a big needle stuck into my spine, but this time that lag doesn’t seem to be there. The real test is whether I can be active (walking everywhere, doing kung fu) without pain, but right now I’m just happy not to be in pain.

Oh, and I made cookies! Oatmeal-chocolate chip-cranberry vegan cookies, and they’re YUMMY! Cookies make a lot of things better. And I made a big batch of treats for Winston that he loves. Now I just have to get on top of my Christmas knitting! I think I need some new DVDs for that–I’ve seen all the ones I have a dozen times.


10 Responses to “Peace”

  1. Grainne Says:

    *cheers!!* Love seeing you with more energy my friend! Hey…the lidocane…do you find it effective? I’m about to try that out for my spinal issues and can’t decide between the two.

    • weordmyndum Says:

      The lidocaine helps but doesn’t last very long; hence, the usual lag between it wearing off and the cortisone kicking in. The cortisone is much more long term–after the first injection, I didn’t have pain for nearly six months.

      • Grainne Says:

        There is so much they can do for the lumbar spine surgically…is there nothing that can help you with at least some of the pain? I hate the pain….yours and mine both.

      • weordmyndum Says:

        Everything I’ve heard and read about back surgery suggests that it often causes more problems than it fixes. I also just get really freaked out about surgery. (Silly since I’ve had 5 ear surgeries plus brain surgery, but there it is.)

        But I do know repeated cortisone injections aren’t a long-term solution. When I see my back doc for my next follow-up appointment, I’m going to ask about long-term treatment options. I’ll see what his ideas are and go from there, I guess.

      • Grainne Says:

        Oh I’m so not into the surgery either. I’m trying not to think of it until I see the neurosurgeon in January. xx Will share what he tells me, in case there’s something in it that might help you too.

      • weordmyndum Says:

        Yeah, I hope he’s able to come up with something that will help you.

  2. I’m happy to hear you’re doing good! Happy thanksgiving, I hope you will manage to hold on to the peaceful feeling and have lots of knitting fun.
    I don’t know what you got your chronic pain from, but I hope you will find a long term solution for it. I have Algolagnia so my take on pain is perhaps slightly different, but I know my mood with a toothache, I don’t even want to imagine it when having a non-stop aching back. When you get your basic physical health back you’ll sure feel better in general too 🙂
    As you can see, a lot of hope sent your way… Not that I believe in Karma, God or anything like that, but I’m not a total bitch and I hope (there it is again :P) you’ll get your things settled.

    • weordmyndum Says:

      I do okay managing the pain most days. In that regard, Vicodin helps, though I don’t take it as often as I should. I’m hoping the doctor will have some long-term ideas when I go back for my next appointment. I’m too young to be an arthritic cripple, and I don’t want to be limited in what I can do. So here’s hoping.

      • Odds are he will propose surgery… they proposed surgery to me for serious scoliosis although it’s not even causing me pain.
        I’m not all that familiar with the solutions for back ache that go beyond painkillers and a heated pillow, so I’m afraid any advice from me would be hopelessly insufficient… 🙂
        Determination and hope get people a long way though. You’ll get there, I just know that.

      • weordmyndum Says:

        Yeah, I’m kinda worried he’s going to suggest surgery. I’m not big on getting sliced open, but I guess if it’ll help it’s worth doing.

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