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We Built This November 7, 2012

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Obama won! Elizabeth Warren won! I am exhausted but thrilled.

It’s an amazing feeling to know you had a part (and not a small one) in accomplishing something so huge and important.

We sat in a living room with our Northampton core team: Wendy, the neighborhood team leader; Laurel, the canvass coordinator; Jenny, the phone bank coordinator; and me, the data coordinator. We’d been phonebanking for hours–fist New Hampshire calls, then Ohio, then Iowa. I made 243 calls.

Then all we could do was sit in front of Laurel’s TV, hoping it would come out right, obsessively watching the state by state tickers underneath the talking heads. When they called NH for Obama, we cheered: we built that! Same with Ohio, Iowa, and Colorado. When ABC called the election for Obama, we were worried. It seemed too early. We didn’t believe it was real until Romney gave his concession speech. Then we were thrilled, cheering, hugging. We built that!

It was such a contrast to see the crowds at Romney’s and Obama’s headquarters. At one point Wendy had gone to get a drink, and when she came back, she asked which HQ was on TV. Jenny said, “Obama’s. If you see non-white people, it’s ours.” The Romney crowd was so white it glowed in the dark.

Obama’s victory speech was great. He channeled JFK, but (in my pinion) better: “America’s never been about what can be done for us. It’s about what can be done by us together,” he said. Yes, BY us!

We did this. We built this.


4 Responses to “We Built This”

  1. Grainne Says:

    Congrats Sara. When I heard the news I thought of you first. Well done, all the work you put in made a difference. 🙂 (hugs)

  2. mm172001 Says:

    Politics have always entranced me. I am a white child of a middle class family that owns three small businesses. My family is republican- it doesn’t matter who the republican candidate is, that is their candidate. They don’t look too far into how a candidate stands on specific issues, because they believe if he is a part of their republican party he automatically represents x, y, and z. I have heard a lot of prejudiced statements against most anything that disagrees with my parents standings since I was very young.
    I voted for Obama and when my dad asked me I told him I did and he shook his head at me, and didn’t want to hear anymore. As I was updating him on the number of the electoral college and Obama was ahead but hadn’t reached the 270 yet he snapped at me, “he didn’t want to hear it.” I hear his political and social views non-stop whether I want to or not and he couldn’t even handle the reality of what was happening.
    I even tried explaining why I voted for Obama and thought he would better represent the country and was more aligned with my beliefs. He didn’t want to hear it. If people expect others to listen to their vocal beliefs they should be prepared to listen to others counter beliefs.
    Congratulations on being a part of the election, other than just voting, people like you really do help the candidates. They couldn’t do it on their own.

    • weordmyndum Says:

      I also come from a verrrrrrry conservative family. The Alabama Republican Party asked my grandfather to run for governor when I was a small child, though he declined. But bear in mind that what passes for a Democrat in Alabama is everyone else’s Republican, and what passes as a Republican in Alabama is everyone else’s right wing nut job.

      About a week ago, I actually had a nightmare where my grandfather found out I was working for Obama. I also had a nightmare a few weeks ago in which Paul Ryan was chasing me with a butcher knife. My brain is wacky.

  3. That is such great news that Obama has won!!! 🙂 Kat

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