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Breathing September 18, 2012

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Last week we had to go to the hospital cause we got sick and couldn’t breathe good, well really just me went but I faked like I was Sara. I didn’t like being the one that went cause its scary.

Now I have lots of bad memories and I can’t make it go away. Daddy made it so we couldn’t breathe allot of times. Like when Sara was 3 he pushed her head under the water in the bathtub for a long time and that’s how Sparrow got made. But mostly it was me he made not be able to breathe good. He choked me allot or sometimes he put the pillow on top of my face.

It still feels like I can’t breathe good but Sara says its just in my head, it’s not real now cause daddy’s not here any more and they gave uss all the medicines to make us breathe good now. But, I say it’s still scary.



5 Responses to “Breathing”

  1. betweenseconds Says:

    Im so sorry that happened to you.Sara is right though, she really is.

  2. Grainne Says:

    Came by to sit with you. Sometimes life can be just as scary as the memories are. xx

  3. onwindydays Says:

    That’s really scary stuff…Hope everything ends up ok.

  4. Bourbon Says:

    Of course it is still scary, I understand. I hope you can breathe better now?

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