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Just Great September 10, 2012

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I was supposed to have therapy today, only I showed up and she didn’t. No phone call or anything. I checked to make sure I didn’t show up on the wrong day or anything. My appointment is always Monday at 12:00, so I was there at the right time.

I know she has some health problems, but I’d think she could at least call me if she was going to be out sick. It’s a long trip for me–walk a mile and a half and then 45 minutes on the bus. I went to all that trouble for nothing.

So now there’s uproar inside. Corey’s screaming about how mad she is, but with far worse language than that. Alison and some of the younger kids are convinced it’s because we’re too needy. Amanda’s saying, “I told you this would happen. It always happens when we trust somebody.” silence is sure we made NT mad and won’t let me call to see what’s going on and reschedule.

This really sucks, and I don’t know how to make it better.


5 Responses to “Just Great”

  1. patricemj Says:

    God, that is my therapy nightmare…everyone hates being forgotten about, even if it’s for a legit reason, by their therapist. I’m certain NT will contact you soon and there will be a good reason for the absence.

  2. Bourbon Says:

    Jeez… now I feel like a right cow for what I wrote on my blog. I’m sorry that is pretty shite really. I hope she contacts you soon

  3. brandic32 Says:

    This really sucks. I’m so sorry. Have you found out yet about what happened?

    • Neloran Says:

      I’m with brandic. What happened, did you call her? I can totally relate to the uproar internally. I’m sure our parts would have had similar (if not the same) responses. It wasn’t you’s, clearly something is up with her! You are right, though, she should have called. Hope she is ok.


      • weordmyndum Says:

        We didn’t call her…she called us because she hadn’t seen us in a while. Apparently she forgot to tell me that she couldn’t do our usual time. Still feels kinda crappy to be forgotten, but at least I don’t have to start all over looking for a new therapist.

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