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Too Needy September 8, 2012

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I’m feeling way too needy right now.

This is a feeling that comes up every time I feel too overwhelmed to deal with it on my own. If I need/want anything from other people, I feel like I need too much, like I am too much.

NT offered twice a week therapy as a regular thing. I desperately wanted it, so of course I said no. So I’ve been struggling to get through the week, counting the days until my next therapy session.

I hate that I can’t let myself need anyone. It’s such black and white thinking. I know logically that I should allow myself to accept the support other people offer. I know it’s the therapist’s job to set boundaries, and she wouldn’t offer to see me twice a week if it was too much for her.

But I still can’t let myself accept the help. I just sit at home, desperately lonely and wishing my next therapy session was sooner.


3 Responses to “Too Needy”

  1. Ellen Says:

    It sounds like as soon as you feel a need you feel guilty. So when someone tries to meet your need you reject it out of the guilt. Sounds familiar to me. Can you say you’ve changed your mind about the two sessions?

  2. Bourbon Says:

    Upping the sessions to twice a week is not going to mean you suddenly become too much for your therapist. It is 2 hours of ‘you’ compared to one. I understand the fear, I really do, but I also really REALLY understand the desperate need for a session more than once a week. We live with ourselves so it is easy to get overwhelmed but us but in reality I guess 2 hours instead of 1 isn’t that much of a difference (to them; it is a huge difference to us). I hope you can take your therapist up on the offer xx

  3. patricemj Says:

    I know what you mean about moving from one to two sessions…there can be guilt and fear of burning out your wonderful resource. As a therapist and and a client, I will say, going 2 times a week really helps the process, you get to go so much deeper because you’re not recovering from all that comes up when you can’t see your therapist enough. It’s like having more time to eat a good meal – if there’s a lot to digest it’s nice to have some extra time to do that. The once a week visit seems to be opening you up to a lot, maybe more than you can contain (or digest) on your own for another week. For me, it’s all about pacing, I try not to take my clients to the deeper places if they can’t see me enough to offer my support through them. Good luck!

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