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This could get interesting September 4, 2012

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I went today for my follow-up with the back doctor. The guy I usually see is still on leave indefinitely, so I saw the same guy who did the last cortisone injection. He was MUCH better and more responsive than the NP I saw the last time.

He’s sending me to have an MRI tomorrow, and once he gets the results I’ll go back for a longer-term plan. It’s what I asked for when I saw the NP, but she just refused to discuss my treatment options. So this is a good sign.

The part that could get interesting is that he also put me on Vicodin in the meantime. I really didn’t want narcotics, but seeing as how I’ve apparently developed an allergy to NSAIDs, I don’t really have other options. But I get dissociative and stupid on narcotics.

The last time I took hydrocodone was when I was in college. I fell face-first into a marble case, bounced, and broke my nose and eye socket. They gave me Lortab (almost exactly the same thing as Vicodin), and I was ridiculous. I went to my first karate tournament the next day and was completely out of it. I forgot my entire kata and just made it up, which ordinarily I’d never do. Then I argued with the national director of US Yoshukai to let me spar–and you do NOT argue with the national director, who’s a sixth-dan black belt. Hopefully a lot of that was the concussion talking.

I’m going to take a dose tonight and see how it does. I told the doc that if it made me stupid I wouldn’t take it. But I hope it works okay. I need something to work. But if I start posting weird and/or incoherent shit, it’s the Vicodin.


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