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Starstruck August 18, 2012

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We had special blue tickets, so we got to stand right up front. Literally 15 feet from the podium. It was amazing.

It was SO HOT. First we stood outside in line for two hours. Then we stood in the gym for two and a half hours before the speech started. With no air conditioning or water–the Secret Service confiscated my water bottle.

But everyone was joking and talking, really cool people. Right behind me was a gay guy from Alabama, so we made fun of Alabama for a while. I was dripping sweat and was afraid I might pass out, but I made it.

His speech was nothing new, but it was a totally new experience to hear it in person from 15 feet away. I screamed and cheered so much my voice is shot. My back and knees are killing me, but it was totally worth it because at the end of the speech I got to shake his hand.

When I get home, I think I’ll sleep until Monday. I had to get up at 4:00 this morning.




6 Responses to “Starstruck”

  1. Bourbon Says:

    How cool!! X

  2. Wow, I’m such a ditz sometimes . . . my first thought when I read “It was SO hot” was that meeting the President was hot, like he’s hot, ha. Then I read on and felt a bit silly.

    • weordmyndum Says:

      Heh! If it makes you feel better, I told a friend of mine I was going to hear th President speak.

      Her response: “Of what?”

      I had to resist screaming, “Of what?! Of the country! The POTUS with the mostest!”

  3. aynetal3 Says:

    This would be like one of the very top highlights of our LIFE!!! We worked at his national headquarters for the last election – no sightings though. Have you washed your hands yet? Ok, I remember … sweat. But, ultimately AMAZING!!!

    Our best,

    • weordmyndum Says:

      I did take a shower when I got home–was too gross and sweaty not to.

      I’m lucky to live in western Mass. We are right near New Hampshire, which is a major battleground state. So the President has made several visits and will almost certainly make more, since there are at least 3 electoral college projections where NH decides the election.

      Must’ve been really cool to work in the national office! Got any cool stories?

      • aynetal3 Says:

        Not really … though if I thought about it there were some really extremely cool – bonding type calls made on the phones. Sometimes you just connected with people and they were like sure I’ll volunteer … just point in the right direction … and then they might share a little about there thoughts as to the general presidential policies etc. and it was like breathing and just REALIZING how connected to the “BIG picture” you really are! It is electrifying!!!! PLUS, the view of the Chicago skyline isn’t bad from the perch they had us sitting – either 🙂 We did get double tickets to the acceptance speech in Grant Park, but I gave our tickets away … I can’t walk or stand for much more than 8-10 minutes *sigh* but, we still had the experience of OUR political lifetime!

        Always our best


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