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Insecurity August 5, 2012

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I’m feeling very insecure today.

Wednesday I called NT1.0 to reschedule my appointment because the physiatrist’s office rescheduled on me, and it was either take that appointment or wait until September. NT1.0 didn’t pick up, so I left a voicemail.

She hasn’t called me back.

I know I’m probably overreacting, but the appointment is supposed to be Monday. I (well, someone or several people in my system) am afraid she’s decided she doesn’t like us and doesn’t want to work with me anymore. That she’s mad at us for asking to reschedule and decided we’re just too much trouble.

I know on a logical level that she’s probably busy or didn’t get the voicemail. I should probably call again, but I’m too scared

I hate being so insecure. I hate assuming that no one ever wants to deal with me. I hate that I automatically assume everyone hates me, despite tons of evidence to the contrary.

Right now I just hate my brain.


One Response to “Insecurity”

  1. Bourbon Says:

    Heh. I know. I can relate so much to this. It’s so hard to be rational about things like this when we are just waitin for rejection around every corner x

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