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Picking Fights July 23, 2012

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So…I have this problem.


When I get angry, I go looking for fights. Not physical ones, just arguments and stuff. I don’t start them, but if somebody else starts crap with me, then they better watch out.


Like there’s this person on an ED forum we go to who posted a cute little video where she made her cat dance to music, just like waving his paws around and stuff. This other woman got all ranty and said it was cruel because cats aren’t supposed to dance and you shouldn’t make animals do stuff they’re not supposed to do.


So I butted in and said, “I have a German shepherd puppy, and his instinct as a herding dog is to bite your legs to herd you. He does it to me and other people and animals, and when I first got him he was biting really hard. But I guess according to you I should just let him bite people, because that’s what herding dogs are supposed to do, right?” Then she gave me this long lecture about training my dog and not letting him bite people (of course I don’t let him do that), and she just totally missed that I was making a rhetorical argument to point out how stupid her post was. So I posted a link to an article on logical fallacies, and I really really want to just yell at her about how she’s dumb and self-righteous and preachy. It’s really hard to keep myself from doing it.


I’m really trying not to be mean, but I’m just so mad at everything and everyone right now. I have my kung fu class tonight so I can go hit stuff, but what am I supposed to do till then? I’m not good at dealing with my anger, but I don’t want to be mean. What am I supposed to do?




4 Responses to “Picking Fights”

  1. smack the daylights out of a pillow ๐Ÿ™‚

    • weordmyndum Says:

      At the risk of sounding like a complete psycho…I’ve never found that satisfying because it’s not enough like hitting a real person. At kung fu, we use the pads where one person holds it while the other person strikes, so it’s a lot more like hitting an actual person.

      I think my problem is more verbal aggression, not physical. I wanna pick logic and rhetoric fights.

  2. Bourbon Says:

    Oh I know what you mean. Especially when hormones are running high I have to literally bite my tongue to stop myself from just sparking something up between my partner and I. I think because there was so much nasty talk going on when I grew up it all seems too….. fake….. to not have it in my life anymore. To have consistent niceness is just wrong and so I think I make trouble sometimes. I know one of my alters does. She will pick a fight just for the sake of it. I hope you managed to stay okay until you got to your kung fu class. x

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