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Winston! July 7, 2012

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Winston says hi!

Is he not the cutest fucking thing in the entire universe?

I don’t think you can see just how enormous his paws are in the pictures. He’s going to be a BIG boy.

He has a bit of a biting people problem. Well, not biting them–more like kind of chewing on you a bit. I did get him a squeaky chew toy he likes, but he’s totally uninterested in the Kong chew toy with the treat inside. I’ve also had to rescue several shoes from him already.

We’re also gonna have to train him not to chase cars and bikes. He’s more interested in the bikes than the cars, but still, let’s not chase them, honey. He’s totally in love with everyone he meets, and everyone’s pretty much in love with him. I took him on the bike path earlier, and this REALLY cute guy stopped to pet him and talk. Everyone wants to be your friend when you’ve got an adorable puppy.

I am sosososososo happy!


6 Responses to “Winston!”

  1. he is adorable and yes, those PAWS come across, whoa!!! I’m happy for you, I have 2 dogs, love them soooo much!

  2. Bourbon Says:

    Hi Winston!! Well done you on bringing some happiness into your owners life. Hope you have some great times together 😀

  3. brandic32 Says:

    Winston!! Ahhh he’s amazing :). I’m so so happy for you!

  4. patricemj Says:

    Darling puppy! It will be impossible to feel anything but happy around a dog like that.

  5. Raynifly Says:

    Those eyes!

  6. He is gorgeous!! It’s so great the way you talk about him too. I can tell you two fit 🙂
    Mine has issues with digging and extreme seperation anxiety/attachment to me. It so extreme that she’s both jealous and distrustful of anyone or anything (like the computer) that takes my attention away from her for too long. Silly girl.

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