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Knitting Post! June 23, 2012

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So, how about some gratuitous pictures of some of my recent knitting projects?


I will warn you, I’m not a great photographer.  Hell, I’m doing good if I can hold my hands steady enough that you can even tell what it’s a picture of.


Mismatched Socks!

I very rarely knit a matched pair of socks.  I just get bored too easily to knit the second sock, so I knit mismatched socks.  I usually don’t even bother making sure I have two from the same yarn/colorway.


Color Affection.

This is actually a crescent-shaped shawl, but I couldn’t get it to lie right for the picture.  I love the off-center design of this one.  I wish I’d done it in more subtle colors, but I doubt I’ll knit another version–there’s only so much garter stitch I can knit before I start to go crazy from the sheer boredom.



Again with the not lying right for pictures.  I also probably shouldn’t have photographed it on the grass because it made the yarn look bluer than it is–it’s actually a gorgeous, very saturated emerald green.  I cast this on immediately after finishing my Color Affection, which was dumb because this one’s just 500 miles of stockinette stitch.  Not much different, boredom-wise, than 500 miles of garter stitch.  But it was worth it because it came out absolutely gorgeous.


4 Responses to “Knitting Post!”

  1. Bourbon Says:

    That last one is absolutely gorgeous in colour, I agree whole heartedly. I’m sitting on a sofa cover/blanket that is the exact same colour as that. I love it 😀

  2. brandic32 Says:

    These are gorgeous! This post has inspired me to want to start knitting again ! 🙂

  3. caityrosey Says:

    I just knit both of those shawls myself. 🙂

  4. hollowvessels Says:

    I really want to start knitting! It seems like such a good skill to have, and you get to make such nice things. I love the colour of the last one.

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