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Playing…Myself? June 11, 2012

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Being DID is weird sometimes.


Kind-of-Sort-of-Ex-Boyfriend guy has recruited us for a role-playing game he’s DM’ing.  (Space 1889, if anyone knows it.)  Tonight we had dinner and started on character creation.  I’m playing a Space Journalist, but we didn’t get much beyond that.


The weird part is that Kat really wants to play.  As herself, basically.  And I think I’m going to let her.


Generally, you know, it’s considered kind of pathetic to play a character who’s an obvious Mary Sue analog of yourself.  One of the primary components of gaming is, of course, wish fulfillment, but we tend not to acknowledge that.  If everyone just plays themselves, you might as well just hang out without the gaming part.


But I think it’s different for alters.  In our system, people spend most of their time pretending to be me so people don’t find out we’re multiple.  But in an RPG, the whole point is being not yourself–or, in this case, not the person you spend most of your life having to pretend to be.


So I don’t see the harm in letting Kat play herself.  There’s no real harm–worst case scenario is she does get Mary Sue-ish.  A bit embarrassing but not too bad.  And I don’t think she’d make much of a Sue anyway.


So yeah, life as a multiple is weird sometimes.


One Response to “Playing…Myself?”

  1. ligeandcrew Says:

    Sounds like it could be a great outlet for Kat.

    Because it *is* rather hard for insiders to just hang out as themselves. Singlets tend to not like it very much. So yay for RPGs. – Stef.

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