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New Therapist 2.0 April 25, 2012

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I had the first meeting with New Therapist 2.0 this morning.  Her office is just one street over from my apartment, which is really convenient.  Walking over there, though, I was incredibly anxious, and my heart was racing so fast I thought I might have a heart attack.  Her office is in a building with a bunch of other offices; the door from the hallway was closed, and I couldn’t tell if it had a waiting room or not.  I didn’t want to walk into someone else’s therapy session or something!  But there was no one else standing in the hall waiting, so I went in, and luckily there was a waiting room.


She seems good.  She’s been in practice for thirty-something years, which is good–I know new therapists have to learn somewhere, but I don’t want them learning on me.  Her primary focus is trauma, and she has experience working with dissociation.  The basis of her work is psychodynamic/relational therapy, but she also incorporates somatic experiencing, EMDR, and elements of DBT.  (She didn’t mind when I rolled my eyes and went on a mini-rant about DBT, so that won her some points.)


We talked mostly about the broad brush strokes of my current situation.  She really seemed to understand what a perspective shift it’s been to suddenly not be depressed and that how I adjust to that will probably be a big part of my therapy.  She asked some smart, perceptive questions about how I feel about Windhorse and some of the other programs I’ve been to.  And she didn’t ask any questions about the trauma stuff, which I thought was cool for a first session.


She’s away next week, but I made another appointment for two weeks from now.  I’m very hopeful about working with her; she seems to know her stuff, and that’s what I need.


This afternoon, I had an appointment with my nurse, and we somehow got on the subject of my issues with Housemate.  Actually, Nurse was the one who brought it up–she said something about Housemate being too pushy yesterday about asking my grandfather to pay for classes.  I agreed, and from there we ended up having a whole conversation about Housemate’s whole attitude of “I know how you should run your entire life better than you do,” and we even discussed the possibility of not having a housemate.  I don’t really need one; I prefer to live alone, and I was living on my own for a year prior to coming to Windhorse.  I hadn’t really thought about not having a housemate, but the idea appeals to me.  I’d probably move to a smaller apartment, since this one has 3 bedrooms.  That part would kinda suck because moving is stressful, and this is just a GREAT location–5 minute walk to downtown, 15 minute walk to Windhorse, 10 minutes to kung fu, 20 minutes to the grocery store.  If I do end up firing Housemate, I hope I can find a place in an equally good location.  Anyway, Nurse said she’d bring up the subject with Team Leader so I wouldn’t feel like I was tattling to the teacher or something.


So things could get really interesting soon.


6 Responses to “New Therapist 2.0”

  1. brandic32 Says:

    This sounds like a great first session. A lot of really good signs there.

    Sorry that your housemate situation is causing you such a headache – I hope, for your sake, you get that straightened out soon.

    • weordmyndum Says:

      Yeah, by this point, I’ve developed a pretty good instinct for therapists. I did a consultation almost a year ago with a DID expert in Boston, and one of the things he said that’s really stuck with me is that I have good instincts about people and should trust myself more. And I got a good feeling from this therapist.

      Yeah, I hope the housemate thing gets resolved soon. It makes me sound like an asshole, but I much prefer being home when she isn’t here to moralize at me. I may be two years younger than she is, but I guaran-fuckin-tee you I’ve got more real-world life experience. I don’t have rich parents who will take care of me like she does; I’ve had to survive completely alone. I suspect she will never know what that’s like.

      God, I really do sound like an asshole, but right now I’m so frustrated with the whole situation that I don’t really care.

      • brandic32 Says:

        “Yeah, by this point, I’ve developed a pretty good instinct for therapists.”
        -What a great gift. I am glad you are able to trust yourself in this way, and I feel I am slowly getting there myself. It’s wonderful to be able to start trusting yourself, isn’t it?

        “God, I really do sound like an asshole.”
        -You really don’t sound like an asshole actually. From what you’ve shared about her on here, /she/ actually sounds like the asshole! (Just my two cents.)

  2. Yay! I am so glad she seems cool. I hear that we have to build our tolerance for good feelings and happiness just like we do anything else…instead of a pain threshold it’s a happy threshold. My T wants me to list each time I notice I’m happy. I can’t bring myself to list it, but I do try to make a mental note…excited about your new journey!

  3. “I know new therapists have to learn somewhere, but I don’t want them learning on me.”

    TOTALLY know what you mean here. I’m glad you found someone you’re happy with!

  4. I think I would prefer a new therapist to an older one. Older ones tend to be more set in their ways, and I’m a stubborn person who isn’t going to do things just because the therapist told me to. But to each their own.

    I think mine has a good amount of experience, but not 30+ years. Sounds like you’ve found a decent therapist for yourself.

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