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Happy Things April 21, 2012

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I feel like my last few posts have been kind of negative, and things have actually been pretty good.


My psychiatrist switched me this month from progesterone pills to sublingual progesterone drops for my PMDD.  They taste like shit (supposedly vanilla, but no), but they really seem to be doing the trick.  I had some moodiness and anxiety this morning, but that went away.  Still have food cravings like whoa, but I’m not suicidally depressed or biting everyone’s heads off.  Plus, food cravings=Amy’s soy-cheese mac and cheese=YUM.


Due to aforementioned food cravings, I absolutely HAD to have a burrito for lunch.  I was planning to get it to go and eat it at home, but I ran into Catherine, another Windhorse client.  We got to talking while I was waiting for my food, and she asked me to stay and eat with her.  It was really cool to be asked, and we went on a mutual political rant.  Apparently some people don’t like ranting about politics during meals, so I enjoy eating with people who do.


This is a photo my uncle took from his roof when Discovery flew into Dulles earlier this week.  How fucking awesome is that?  Of course, it would be more awesome if we were still putting them into space instead of begging the Russians to give us a lift on Soyuz rockets that tend to, you know, explode.  More pictures here.


And Sunday we’re FINALLY getting good internet.  Hooray!  I’ll be able to stream video and stuff, and Housemate has Netflix.  Yeah, I’m gonna be re-watching all of NuWho.


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