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A Dream April 11, 2012

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Once, I had no family and lived alone in a small, warn apartment. Well, I had a family, but every time I left my apartment to see them, the air became so thick and viscous I had to go back inside if I still wanted to breathe. They never came to see me; I was the prodigal daughter.

One afternoon while I was walking to the grocery store, a woman with a baby stopped me. The baby was beautiful, a little girl with sky blue eyes and hair the red-brown of iron-laden Alabama dirt. The mother picked the baby up out of the stroller and gave her to me. The mother was crying silently.

I took the baby; I was crying too. “But I don’t know how to take care of a baby.”

“Neither do I,” said the mother. Then she turned around and left, pushing the empty stroller.


Wow, could you get much more symbolic than that? Apparently my subconscious mind isn’t big on subtlety. Okay, Drs. Freud and Jung, I get it: dreams have meaning. God, I can just imagine all the meaning my Riggs therapist would’ve found in it. In creative writing, we referred to this as “beating the reader over the head with the symbolism stick.”

In other news, I still have neither home internet nor a therapist. I’m about half an inch away from looking for random therapists online. This shouldn’t be so hard, and I really need a therapist.


One Response to “A Dream”

  1. brandic32 Says:

    This dream actually has a very beautiful element to it. It sounds like perhaps that was your subconscious’s way of saying you are ready to really start nurturing and caring for all parts of yourself. My therapist says that all aspects to a dream (unless they are people we know in real life, and unless they are fearful dreams) are all aspects of ourselves. So perhaps this woman symbolized a part of you (maybe who had taken care of you before) who was passing the baton over for you to now care for the you who needs nurturing…. Just thought i would put that perspective out there.

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