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Playing Tag (and other things) March 27, 2012

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I got tagged by Angel over at The Mirth of Despair.  I’m too lazy to repost the rules or tag anyone.  I am le tired.  But here are her questions.


1) What is your favorite mini-series?

Battlestar Galactica!  And any of the BBC historical miniseries.


2) What song is currently stuck in your head?

This probably doesn’t count as a song, per se, but I’ve got the drum beat from the first kung fu form in my head.  It’s kind of cool; I’d never seen a martial arts style where you do the katas to a drum beat.  (Half-note, dotted quarter-note, three eighth-notes, three quarter-notes; hell if I know what time signature that’s in.)


3) If you’re a girl, who would you pick as your girl-crush? Or if you’re a guy, who would you pick as your guy-crush? You have to choose at least one. Although I guess this question has a heteronormative bias. Whoops. Well, if you identify as homosexual, choose someone of the opposite sex as your answer.

I’m asexual.  Forget smashing heteronormativity; I’m smashing sex-normativity.


4) If you got to choose any occupation you wanted and money wasn’t an issue, what would you choose and why?

I want to practice Constitutional and civil rights law, especially pertaining to violations of right that are rampant in mental health treatment.  I like to argue with people, I was that nerd in high school who carried around a pocket-sized copy of the Constitution and read case briefs for fun, and I have way too much firsthand experience with the violations of rights, civil liberties, and basic human treatment that all too often go hand-in-hand with psychiatric treatment.


5) When you’re using numbers to make a list, do you put periods, parentheses, or something else (if so, what), after the numbers? Why do you think you have this preference?

Periods.  I think I must have been taught to do it that way.


6) What sorts of books do you like to read, and why?

I will read pretty much any genre as long as it has compelling, dynamic, three-dimensional characters who I can either identify with or find interesting.  I’ve also been reading a lot of contemporary poetry, particularly by female writers.


7) You’re driving for at least four hours by yourself. You don’t have a CD player, and you can’t hook up your mp3 player or smartphone to your stereo. How do you occupy yourself?

I actually don’t get bored driving.  Especially in Massachusetts, because people drive like they’re homicidal.  There’s a reason they’re called Massholes.


8) Do you believe in anything supernatural? If so, what?

I believe in the possibility.  I used to believe strongly in god.  No dramatic falling out happened; I just became less sure.  I also really hope we find intelligent extraterrestrial life.  I’ve even got SETI@home on my computer, always running in the background.


9) Why do you visit my blog? (How’s that for a nosy self-promoting question? No, you don’t need to answer this second question. It’s rhetorical.)

It’s well-written and a subject I can relate to.


10) If you have a smartphone, which 5 apps do you use the most? If you don’t have a smartphone, why not?

I don’t even have a dumb cell phone–mine broke, and I haven’t been able to afford to fix it.  But I should be getting a back payment from Social Security next week, and I’m strongly considering blowing the money on an iPhone.


11) What is the most important principle for you to live your life by, and why?

Never to hurt anyone intentionally.  I was forced to be complicit in my father’s abuse of my sisters, and I have never forgiven myself for it.  This rule actually gets in my way sometimes, though.  Not wanting to hurt anyone else ever means I sometimes let people walk all over me because I’m afraid saying no might hurt them.  Let’s not even get into the massive piles of guilt I’ve accumulated.




I’ve been making an effort to take care of myself.


This afternoon I went to CVS to pick up a refill, and on the way home, I stopped on a whim at the yarn store and bought a gorgeous skein of laceweight merino in pretty fall colors.  Tonight at kung fu, my back was hurting while doing some jump kicks, so I took a break and stretched.


They sound like such little things, but they’re hard for me.


When I studied Yoshukai, our kiyai was “osu.”  I was told that it translates to “Push on and never give up,” though I have my doubts about that translation since it’s such a short word.  But that’s always been my approach to life.  Just keep going.  Another thing one of my sensei said: “If it hurts, just kiyai louder!  Osu!”  He was joking, but that’s the way I’ve always been.  I wasn’t allowed to have wants, let alone needs.  It doesn’t matter how much it hurts, you just keep going and don’t show anyone you’re in pain.


It’s wicked hard to unlearn this.  So even the little things count.


5 Responses to “Playing Tag (and other things)”

  1. Grainne Says:

    “It’s wicked hard to unlearn this. So even the little things count”

    This ^^^ is my new motto for the week. Simple and sweet and so, terribly true.

  2. Well, the point of Question #3 was for you to choose someone you have a crush on from a group of people you’re not normally attracted to, which makes you the perfect specimen for the question. Sometimes I think I may be asexual, too. I’m not entirely sure, though.

    I couldn’t live without a cell phone because it’s the only phone I have. No possibility of calling people otherwise. Having SETI on your computer is really cool!

    • weordmyndum Says:

      Okay, fiiiiine! 🙂 But just for spite, I’m using fictional characters. And giving away what a total sci-fi nerd I am.

      Girl crush: Delenn from Babylon 5. She’s smart, she’s gutsy, and she’s kind. River Tam from Firefly. She might be nuts, but she’s brilliant, unpredictable, and really good at kicking folks’ asses.

      Guy crushes: Rory Williams from Doctor Who. He is badass. I mean, he was a centurion for 2000 years, and he’s older than the Doctor. Also, gotta love a man who stands by his woman. Also, Marcus Cole from Babylon 5. English accent, smartass sense of humor, can kick some serious ass. Okay, and non-fictionally, Patrick Stewart. Holy fuck I love that man. Apparently I have a thing for British men.

      AVEN has really good info and a forum for asexuals, grey-A’s, questioning A’s, etc.


      Surprisingly, I have adapted quite well to not having a cell phone. I’m kind of phone-phobic, so I prefer not having it constantly buzzing in my pocket. (When I had a cell phone, it was always on vibrate because I’m half deaf and don’t always hear it ring.) With the landline, if I don’t feel up to answering a call, I can let voicemail pick up and tell people I wasn’t home. Yay avoidance!

      • Fictional characters are acceptable. I watch a little sci-fi. Not “Babylon 5.” Or “Firefly,” but I saw “Serenity” so I vaguely know who River Tam is.

        Awwwwwwww Rory. I love Rory. I think he’s cute when he wears his glasses, too. 😀

        Thanks for the interesting links.

  3. ligeandcrew Says:

    Good on you, getting to have wants!

    And I want you for a lawyer. Or at least a pretend one who can write scary letters. And yes I’ll pay.

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