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Maybe Yarn Is Better Than Therapy March 27, 2012

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Well, nuts.


New Therapist is not coming back to work in the foreseeable future.  She had another hospitalization and is going to Columbia’s oncology center.  So now I have to recommence The Grueling Therapist Search.  I’m SO FRUSTRATED.  It shouldn’t be this hard to find help.  And now that the depression is gone, I’m noticing the PTSD symptoms more.  Today while I was out walking, I literally ducked and covered when I heard what I thought was a gunshot.  Turns out it was just roofers across the street with a nail gun or something, and luckily I don’t think they noticed me cowering behind a telephone pole.


In good news, though, I went to Webs today.  It is very dangerous to my bank account to live 5 minutes from the biggest yarn store on the continent.  I went in just to get Addi Lace needles for the shawl I’m working on.  I came out with the needles…and 10 skeins of Royal Llama Linen in the color all the way on the right (though it’s more teal than that photo looks) for a summer top, and 2 skeins of Alpaca Sox in Bordeaux for a shawl.  I’m on a shawl kick the last two weeks or so.  I’d been knitting tons of socks for the last year and a half, and now suddenly I want to do shawls.  I am odd, but I don’t think that’s news to anyone who’s talked to me for more than about 10 seconds.


One Response to “Maybe Yarn Is Better Than Therapy”

  1. Love that you knit. The therapist will come….

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