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Blog Awards March 15, 2012

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I think these are a bit overdue…lo siento.


First off, Angel at The Mirth of Despair nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award.  Thank you!

Rules are here because I’m too lazy to repost them.


Random Facts:

  1. I am deathly allergic to rabbits.  Seriously.  My sister got a rabbit, and I got an ER trip.
  2. I taught a college health class the parts of the ear when I was 3.
  3. I can recite the Prologe to Canterbury Tales in Middle English.
  4. I collect hippo things.  I played a hippo in my kindergarten class play, and people started giving me hippos.  It stuck.
  5. I had brain surgery 5 days after my 18th birthday.
  6. I knit all my own socks.  I rarely wear a matched pair.
  7. Blackberries are my favorite food in the universe.

I’m not nominating people because I don’t really read many blogs, if you count out political stuff like the ACLU, and I’m pretty sure all the blogs I follow have already gotten this award.




Next up, Kissing the Cockroach nominated me for the TMI Blog Award.  I’m honored…but if you think I’ve gotten into TMI already, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Rules are here because I’m still too lazy to copy/paste.


Embarrassing story:

I started studying karate in college because my friend thought one of the sensei was hot (and he was), so I got dragged along for the ride.  Turned out I really enjoyed it and started competing.


The night before our first tournament, this friend and I were practicing katas in the lobby of the dorm.  All the RA’s were there, having a meeting with the house master and house director, who also happened to be the junior professor for my integrated honors seminar.  All was going well until a part in the kata where you do a 180-degree turn with one foot trailing behind you.


I caught my foot on the leg of the couch and went face-first into a marble coffee table–and bounced!  I don’t remember hitting the table, but I was told I hit my eyebrow first, then bounced and hit the bridge of my nose.  I remember that “Oh fuck, I’m gonna hit the table” moment, and the next thing I remember is being on the couch, bleeding profusely, with someone’s dishtowel on my face.


So there was an ER trip.  It was a Friday night, and Bama is known as a major party school.  When I walked into the ER in a gi, bleeding all over myself, and told them I fell into a table, the first question was,ow much have you had to drink tonight.”  I had to explain that I did it all completely sober.  I’d broken my nose and my eye socket, and I got 8 stitches in my eyebrow and 3 on the bridge of my nose.


But the story gets better, ’cause I went to the tournament the next day, with 11 stitches in my face and a large dose of Lortab and codeine.  You get really amusing comments when you show up for a karate tournament looking like that, but I was high as a kite from the painkillers.  The National Director of US Yoshukai was there, a fifth-dan black belt who could kill me with his pinkie finger if he wanted to.  You don’t argue with the National Director–except I did, trying to get him to let me spar.  He laughed and told me to go sit down.


I did compete in katas.  You do this big showy thing where you bow into the ring, run up to the judges, do a cross-hand block, and bark, “Judges, my name is Sara P–!  My style is U.S. Yoshukai Karate!  My kata is Kihon Kata Shodan!  With your permission, I will begin.”  They nod, and I go to the back of the ring and yame to start my kata.  Then, thanks to the Lortab, I realized I could not remember my kata.  So I just made shit up, which I’d never do without being high.  I could’ve gotten away with it…except that the National Director was one of the judges.  He came up to me afterward and said, “So, remind me again what kata that was?”  I don’t remember this, but my friends swear I answered, “The Sara’s on Lortab Kata.”


Yeah, that was fun times.  The RA’s named that table after me.


2 Responses to “Blog Awards”

  1. ligeandcrew Says:

    Did you ever sung the song I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas ? – Dodge

    • weordmyndum Says:

      I love that song!

      I have gotten a hippopotamus for Christmas–my sister bought me this enormous one. I wish we had it here, but it’s at our mom’s house 1000 miles away, and she won’t ship it here.

      Luckily I have a whole collection of other hippos, including the one who sleeps with me at night. I have a hippo Pez dispenser, a hippo cell phone case, a hand-thrown vase thing with a hippo painted on one side and a Dr. Horrible on the other side, a bobblehead hippo, and even a hippo flash drive.

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