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Therapy Dilemma (Alison) February 10, 2012

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We spent WEEKS finding a therapist in our area who took our insurance and had experience with trauma. For a town that supposedly has nobody but students and therapists, it was wicked hard. We even gave up on finding someone with specific DID experience. Found somebody, met with her twice, liked her, decided to work with her.

Then last week she had some kind of big medical emergency. Sounds like she’s just found out she has some serious illness. Gonna be out at least 4 to 6 weeks and may not be able to come back to work at all. So the question is whether or not I should start all over looking for somebody new. Having a pretty bad time lately, and we really do need a good therapist. Especially cause we still haven’t even started dealing with the DID. Everything we know is from figuring it out ourselves. So in that category, it seems like finding somebody else would be a good idea, even if it only ends up being temporary.

OTOH, there’s no guarantee I’ll actually be able to find anybody, and that might make the depression and hopelessness worse. I just really don’t deal well with frustration, especially right now when things are really hard. And there’s a possibility the therapist we were planning on seeing might come back in a few weeks, so I dunno if it would be worth it or if I’d even find anybody before that.

Also, it’s dumb, but some of us are really afraid that if we see somebody else and then she comes back, she’ll be mad that we saw a different therapist.

God, I just don’t know what to do.  I hate making decisions.


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