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Pain (Alison) February 7, 2012

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(Note: There hasn’t been a post for a while cause Sara hasn’t been around much.  But I figure I should be able to post here if I want, since I’m stuck running this show.)

We don’t do well with pain.

Usually whoever was out front would just dissociate the pain.  I don’t think we realized that meant someone else got the pain.  Now we do, and we’re trying not to do that.

Been dealing with back pain for years.  We did competitive gymnastics for years, and then in college we started doing martial arts.  (Remind me sometime to tell the story about what happens when you fall face-first into a marble coffee table–and bounce–the night before your first karate tournament, and then go to the tournament on Lortab and codeine.  It’s pretty hilarious.)  Basically, we ruined our body with constant injuries.  We never thought it was that bad because we just didn’t feel pain like normal people.

But now we’ve got a bone spur on one of the lower vertebrae.  The physiatrist says it’s probably from a stress fracture that was never diagnosed or treated.  There’s really nothing they can do now besides pain management.  So today the physiatrist’s doing a facet injection, which involves him sticking a needle into my spine using an x-ray to see what he’s doing.  The shot is a mixture of lidocaine and a steroid, and he thinks this could relieve the pain for months.  Not sure what the next step will be if this doesn’t work.  Trying not to think too much about that.

The main problem on my mind is that the kids are upset.  Mostly Kenna, who’s the only one I really know of.  I can hear other ones crying and freaking out though.  I have no idea what to do about it.  I mean, I’m just really not a kid person.  I dunno what I’m supposed to be doing.  I didn’t sign up for this job.  I just hope Kenna or someone else isn’t out for the appointment cause I really have no control over when anyone’s out, including myself.  Kinda sucky.

I dunno.  I just really hope this helps.


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